Murphys Law 2 Walkthrough


Murphys Law 2 Walkthrough:

To do before santa is down the chimney:
- put the newspaper (Zeitung) into the chimney
- put the wood (Holz) into the chimney
- put it on fire with the lighter (Feuerzeug)
- put all rockets except one (one rocket after the other) into the fire

-unwarp the little red gift and put the Death-metal CD into the stereo
-grab the stone in the indoor plant above the stereo and put it into
the cracker pot on the table
- unpack the big present and build the robot exactli in this order:
-set the torso on the bottom part
-set the head on the torso
-set the batterie into the torso
-set the robotarms on the robot

- grab the darts next the stereo and put it into the robot
- grab the cat to the far left below the window and put it into santas big bag
- grap the gas/petrol can an drop it over the TV corner where thelightener is
- grap the last rocket and put it into the vase

when santa smashes the robot:
- click on the cupboard/box in the left and get the mousetraps and out them onto the floor before the door

wait till santa put the green present below the tree then:
- get the skateboard behind him and set it on the floor in santas back
- unpack the green present and take the bowilg ball and put it above the window to the right.

when santa drops the lightener and hit the wall:
-grab the lightener on the floor and put the rocket in the vase under fire

when santa turns to you and crusing:
-take the hamster and put it on him

-when he is out of the house hurry to switch the traffic light to green.


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