Murphy's Law 3 Walkthrough


Murphys Law 3 Walkthrough:

  1. Put the poison (Puttzeug) in the mans glass of water sitting on his desk
  2. Glue (Klebstoff) the flash cards together that he looks at(the glue is on his desk as well)
  3. Put the bear trap on the floor around where the flash cards were
  4. Open the cupboard on the bottom of the shelf with the water can on it
  5. Put the marijuana in his coffee
  6. Put the video that is sitting by the picture in the VCR
  7. When he is changing clothes click his tie and after it raps around the fan turn on the fan by pulling the little knob that is hanging down
  8. When he is freaking out take the panties that are sitting on his couch and put them in his shirt(or suit)
  9. After the lady leaves click on the can of gas and pick up the ladies lighter and light it on fire


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