Murphy's Law 4 Walkthrough


Murphys Law 4 Walkthrough:

  1. replace the make up on the desk with the make up in the girl's purse.
  2. replace the hair spray with the white stuff near the oil.
  3. there's a bag of ashes or something hanging near some coats, put that into the cigars on the right.
  4. there's a bottle of flammable liquid on the bottom left near the lighter, put that into the bucket of champagne.
  5. when the dresser cuts the man's hair, take the pepper on the desk near the fruits and put it over her had making her sneeze.
  6. when she sprays the man's hair, take the lighter in the bottom left and light the spray can.
  7. wait until the other man that comes in a leave to spill the oil can.
  8. while he slides across the room, turn on the thermostat so his clothes shrinks.


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