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look at their huge bodies under water
Current rating: Bad Picture (30% - based on 613 votes)

being a press photographer is hard job
Current rating: Bad Picture (28% - based on 319 votes)

funny umbrella picture
Current rating: Bad Picture (27% - based on 396 votes)

got cheese?
Current rating: Bad Picture (26% - based on 312 votes)

good use for your old fashioned CD-ROM
Current rating: Bad Picture (24% - based on 533 votes)

this must be every women dream
Current rating: Bad Picture (23% - based on 447 votes)

someone probably has too much time in his hands
Current rating: Bad Picture (23% - based on 431 votes)

perhaps you can walk on water with these
Current rating: Total failure Picture (14% - based on 677 votes)

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