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Coming Weekend Party - there will be alot of drinking, sex and fighting
Poor Husbend - man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 y
Girls Night Out - they suddenly realized they both needed to pee
Dirty Dentist - doctor is going to drill the tooth
Spanish Neighbors - Armando asks his friend which girls he likes
Golf Lesson - pro advises how to hold club
Little Penis - nurse laughing to naked young man
For The First Time - her private place is the prison
Kinds Of Sex - there are four kinds after marriage
Christmas Wish - boy wants have a sister
Pregnant Women - two things in the air
What a fine bouquet - funny adult joke with vagina involved.
Boy anticipates sex with girlfriend - he has no idea ... funny joke
Two drunks with plan for free drinks - good plan, but .. :)
Two nuns - nun with her dress up can run faster than man with
Boy catches parents having sex joke - he reveals cheating husband.
Two teenage boys arrested for drugs - funny adult joke.
Little boy visits whorehouse - he made revenge on milkman.
Computer wins out in the end - the funniest adult joke
Blind man in restaurant - he knows waiters wife. Good laugh!
Genie grants wishes to golfers wife - adult jokes.
Passing the test - always keep your condoms in your car.
Voodoo dildo Joke - mystical wooden sex toy.
Women stop in cemetery to pee - drunk women piss joke.
The truth about that sixth sense - poor man ...nasty joke
Gold Medalist - he doesnt last long. Good Joke.
Poor Daddy - seems the dad wont have pussy for a while.
A Guy Got Bit By Snake - he didnt want to suck friends cock.
What every woman wants - funny joke about man who has 3 wishes.
Witnessing the miracle - 16-year-old pregnant daughter.
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