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Married man - Married man walk into a bar
Air Condition - customer was continually bothering the waiter
One Beer - young guy at a bar
Get Up The Stairs - husband crashing through the front door at 3 am
Hear A Voice - bowl of peanuts and cigarette machine speaking
Really Bad Day - big trouble-making truck driver at a bar
Giraffe In Bar - ten pints for the Giraffe
Shot Of Whisky - man gulps shot down and peeks into his shirt pocke
Dave Works Hard - wife takes Dave to a local strip club
Hamster And Frog - both are dancing and singing
Cup Of Punch - minister would rather commit adultery than drink a
Rural Pub - womam has some massage for manager
Man Use The Bathroom - something keeps biting his balls
Beer Tradition - brothers drink beers together
Two Fraternity Brothers - guys have just one wish
Bloody Shirt - wife cut off mans penis
Bar Challenge - free beer for person who can pass test
Bum and a Bar - sick jokes why all except one asked for toothpick
Polar Bear - joke of the day from bars and pubs
Drunk Ass - funniest jokes in the world
The Bartender - funny joke about fucking others wife
Shot Glass - piss in the cup dirty joke
I Paid - bar jokes how to get a free drink or punch in your
Ouch - fool jokes what a man says in a bar
Science - priceless jokes atoms talking in a bar
Shrunken Head - cool pranks genie women can´t have sex
Superman - jokes gags do not get drunk in a skyskraper
Man in a Bar - great pranks original drunk meter
The Snake - humor jokes why can´t a snake have a drink of bee
The Pianist - one line jokes deaf genie misheard the wish
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