Wed May 25, 2022 - Welcome to Battle of Sexes!

Here is my collection of jokes where men are atacking women and women are atacking men. Each of them tries to prove that the other ses is dumber, weaker, uglier .. etc. Enjoy the eternal war of the sexes, no matter which sex you are.

THE BEST Battle of Sexes. HAVE FUN!

Hurry Quick the joke man husband ignored his wife while watchi
Rubbers killing joke what would you do with used rubbers
Barbie Jokes and pranks why is divorced barbie most expen
Cousins joke world where do they come from
Three Words joke list what woman does not want to hear having
Resume joke humor guy who masturbates too much
Mama mom jokes wedding nignt of a virgin
Student sexual jokes difference between lightbulb and preg
Sex Help jokes about came early again to the clinic today
Ten Husbands Humour jokes married ten times and still a virgin
Killer Wife Prank he thought his wife wants to poison him
Hunters Prank calls why women like hunters
Biggest Jerks Best jokes she thought he is talking about himself