Bill at the Gates

Bill Gates dies and is up at the pearly gates.

St. Peter: Well, you've got a choice. Have a look around here. Pop down to Hell and see what Satan has to offer. Check us out, and then let me know your decision.

Bill has a look around heaven. Lot's of somber people singing hymns, praising the Lord . He goes down to Hell. There are beautiful beaches, lots of sun, sand, attractive women . Long cool drinks that never get you drunk. He loves it. He goes back to St. Peter.

Gates: Look, I know you're really doing good things here, but Hell seems more with it. More my kind of scene, you know what I mean? No hard feelings, but I pick Hell.

St. Peter: No worries. You've got it.

Bill finds himself back in Hell, neck deep in fire and brimstone, suffering eternal torment. He can't figure it out.

Gates: Hey! St. Peter! Where are the beautiful girls and long beaches and cool drinks?

St. Peter: Sorry if you got confused, That was just the demo version.