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Clintons At Yankees Game - Bill grabs Hillary and throws her out onto the fie
What Is It - funny and unexpected answer
Michael Jackson and Kmart - jackson jokes he went to see pantless guys
ET - party pranks whats an alian short for
Top Ten Most Ironic Celebrity Deaths - pranks to pull funny way to leave this world
MJ - michael jackson jokes he must be God
Bill and Hugh - joke sex Gates got small jelly penis
Another Quayle's Moronic Quote - short jokes needs to brush up on his "Latin"
Common Causes of Death - knock jokes what can you die of
Quotes From The Stars - practical jokes wise celebrity thoughts
Sherlock Holmes - joke archives what the stars tell you
Christopher Reeves - rude joke who is his opposite
Liz Taylor's Operation - celebrity prank calls she gave him new ears
In Common - celebrity prank whats common for Britney and Pepsi
Is It Michael Jackson - funny joke about popular singer.

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