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Two Little Boys - two little boys
Talking About Animals - mother was talking to her three year-old daughter
Little Johnny Crying - dad was hanging pictures
Sex Education - each student had to bring in a permission
Preparing Pancakes - boys began to argue over who would get the first p
Sunday School Class - pray to God before lunch or dinner
Called A Motel - how much motel charges for a room
The Sahara Desert - 'smart guy', 'not that smart guy' and 'not smart a
Another Fight - keeping a little boy from being beaten up
Waxing The Floors - Mom heard her young son opening the front door
Press A Doorbell - priest is walking down the street
Salesman Calls - salesman telephone a household, and a four-year-ol
Shut Up And Trouble - Trouble got lost, and so Shut Up went to the polic
Sucking Thumb - boy had reached four without giving up that habit
Expected Baby - for weeks a child kept talking about the baby
Silly Question - son asks his father if he can write in the dark
Singing Sister - Alfie wishes sister'd sing Christmas carols
Two Pieces Of String - silly children joke about strings
Child Custody Case - boy can decide about his adoptive parent
3rd Grade - boy attends firts grade but belong to the 3rd one
Child Sent To Bed - boy asks his father to bring some water
Kid´s Funnys - jokes kids where is Tiger looking for Pooh
Grandma's Revenge - kids jokes water guns used to drive her mad
JoKe - jokes for kids numbers funny talk
Angry Rocket - children's jokes it was hot from anger
Funny Joke - dirty jokes how to make a tussue dance
Pikachu - kid jokes how to get Pikachu onto aeroplane
The Jellybean - jokes kids how Jellybean becomes a smartie
The 5 yr. Old - baby joke shouldn´t have cravled there
Number - childrens jokes how 0 praised the 8

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