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Polish Men Habit - one glass full of water and one cup empty
Elephant Joke - what did the elephant say to the naked man
Christmas Gift - picture of yourself
Roll Of Toilet Paper - how many men does it take to change it
Upon Engagement - bride's found a man just like her father
Clever Dog - he brings in the daily newspapers every morning
Rock Singer - he wore a hearing aid for four years
Do Not Understand - two friends are talking
Patron at a Bar - man dropped his drink
Tactical Wife - her husband is a poor man
Successful Man - men who can satisfy woman
Womans Future - woman worries about the future
Last Fight - what is on TV
Brown Paper Pete - very funny jokes hanged for rustling
Father Potato - veg jokes daughters picking their future husbands
2 guys - gay jokes two guys walked into a bar
Bow Ties - jokes and cartoons archers with the same score
A Dictator - great jokes when penis and potato cross
Deer and Beer - gags difference between deer and beer nuts
Nachos - april fools pranks what do you call nachos
Fish - april fools day prank it hit a damn dam
Watermelons - prank programs where watermelons go in summer
Twins - pranks to pull no need of two photos they are same
Strings At A Bar - camp pranks haw to fool a bartender
Detective - party pranks where detective sleeps
Gandhi - prank records Mahatma life funny pun
Cream Cheese - virus pranks what you get from Snoopy and breakfas
Indecent Exposure - downloadable pranks arrested for Indiant cent
Egg Roll - messenger pranks how you make an egg roll
Some Puns - online prank four funny puns to read
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