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Here is list with loads of funny gender jokes. Battle of the sexes, male vs. female! New gender jokes are added daily! Have fun!

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Pharmacy Counter - middle aged man asking for Viagra
Study About Women - women think their ass has grown too big
The Last Word - two husbands were discussing their married lives
Piece Of Toilet Paper - husband is tired of his wifes appearance
He Said She Said - funny comments of man and woman
Italian Restaurant - younster wants to impress his partner
Dog Or Wife - dog is barking and wife is yelling
Computers are male - seven reasons computers must be male
The guide to women - what woman is really saying
The guide for women - what a man is really saying
Christmas tree is better - why christmas tree is better than a woman
Men writting the rules - rules to get on well
Computers are female - six reasons computer must be female

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