A contest was held once in a little town near San Diego. Four people entered the contest. It was a fairly simple contest: The judge would point to a various part of his body, and the contestant would say the body part. So the contest began. The judge started with contestant one and pointed to his head. The contestant answered right and the judge moved on and pointed to his foot. Instead of saying foot, the contestant said arm. So the judge moves on to contestant two. He gets the first and second questions right, but on the third question, he answers arm instead of leg. The third contestant answers all the previous questions right, and then the judge points to his knee. Surprisingly, the contestant gets it right. That's four parts, time for the last one: the judge points to his elbow, a real tuffy, and the contestant answers hand. So the judge moves on to the last contestant and the contestant answers all the questions right. As the judge pins the first place ribbon on the guy's shirt, he asks how he got such a hard question right. The contestant taps his head and says knowingly, "Kidneys."