The parrot and the plumber

A plumber promised old Miss Johnson he would be at her apartment by 11am the next day. When he had not arrived at 11:15 she locked up her apartment and went about her shopping.

The plumber arrived at 11:30 and knocked on the door. Although Miss Johnson was gone, her parrot called out, "Who is it?" and the plumber said, "It's the plumber." When noone came to the door the plumber knocked again. Again the parrot called out, "Who is it?" Thinking Miss Johnson may be hard of hearing the plumber raised his voice and shouted, "It's the plumber!" This routine continued for some time.

Eventually Miss Johnson returned to her apartment with her bag of groceries and found the plumber dead at her door. As she unlocked the door and let herself into the apartment she exclaimed, "Now I wonder who that is?!" to which the bird promptly replied, "It's the *#@ PLUMBER!!!!!"