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Post Turtle - how George W. Bush is doing as President
Saving Clinton - he offers the kids whatever they want
Hell On Earth - the worst place in the world
Condoms For Russia - Putin called Bush with an emergency
Smart Car Radio - radio works on a base of voice activation
Dubya - joke pages George W. Bush identity proof in heaven
Monica's Dress - joke de Lewinski goes to cleaners again
Monica Lewinsky And Vending Machines - joke win32 what they have in common
Bill and Hilary at the Ball Park - joke books Clinton misunderstood his advisor
Taxes - joke exe little boy asking God for money
Football Fan - bin laden joke what is his favourite football team
Congress - prank software congress means no progress
Hot Air Balloon - pranks to do a republican and a democrat meet
Bill Clinton And Screw Drivers - best joke in the world both screw in turns
Secuity Force Olympics - joke for the day rabbit claims he is a squirrel

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