Speeding Ticket

A police officer pulled over a person who was speeding. The police officer walks up to the car and starts to talk to the man.

The cop says "Sir may i see your licence please."
The man says, "I don't have my licence officer."
The cop says, "You don't do you, well then let me see your registration."
The man say, "I don't have any registration, but wait let me see i think i saw it when i put my gun in the glove compartment"
The cop says pulling his gun out of its holster,"you gotta gun in the glove compartment?"
The man says, "Yeah, i used it to shoot the lady that i stole the car from".
The Cop says, "You shot a lady and stole her car."
The man says, "Yeah, shes in the trunk."
The cop Says, "you put the lady in the trunk?"

The cop thinks that he can't handle this by himself and calls in back up. The back up arrived and a police negotiator walks up to the car and talks to the man.

The negotiator says, "I understand you don't have your licence."
The man says, "What of course i have my licence."
The negotiator says,"You do then what about your registration?"
The man says, "Yep, i got that to its in my glove compartment."
The negotiator walks over and opens the glove compartement and to his surprise, the registration was in there and not a gun.
the negotiator says,"well what about the lady you stole the car from that you locked in the trunk?'
The man says, "Lady in the trunk what are you talking about?!"
The negotiator says, "Well one of the officers over there told me all of this stuff."
The man says, "well i bet that son-of-a-b***h told you i was speeding too!"