Yo Mama Lines

I went into your house, took a booger off the wall, and yo mama told me not to touch the family portrait.

Yo mama's so fat, her doctor diagnosed her with a rapid flesh eating disease. Now she's got only 36 more years to live!

Did you know flies were given wings so that they could beat yo mama to the dump?

Heard yo mama fills up the bathtub ... THEN puts the water in.

If Ugliness were bricks, yo mama would have her own projects.

Know how they made the movie, "Speed"?
They dressed your mama up and drove her while they dangled a Hostess Cupcake in front of her.

Hey, I got nothing to say about Yo Mama cuz she's a saint ... a Saint Bernard.

What's the difference between yo mama and a water buffalo?
About 25 pounds.
How do you even it up?
Either force-feed the buffalo, or shave yo mama.