Dominus Predator Sim

You live in the dark alleys and backstreets, you work underground trafficking drugs and weapons and you do odd jobs as a hitman. Your objective is to maintain your sexual satisfaction through your attacks on women, whilst staying out of the big house. Remember, you are working underground, you must pay attention to everything around you, and be careful not to rub the wrong people the wrong way. You have total of 92 days, to make your reputation as high as possible. I got this tip from an anonymus surfer: if you click the very bottom line of pixels on the next button in the corner of the picture of girl you abducted, you can see all the girls and get a bonus game. Another tip: In the weapon shop, click the bottom left corner, the very edge of the corner, to get some interesting things. Have fun! Thanks HaZard from Wake of the Predator for providing this game.