www.Funny-Games.biz wants to sponsor your game

What do you mean by sponsorship?

Sponsorship means that we pay you money to put our logos and links into your game and you agree that any distribution of that game will always have that "branding" in place. You still retain all the rights to your game and get credit for the making the game. You will also be able to create a link in the game credits that takes players back to your website.

What games you are looking for?
  • We like fun and addictive games. People should like to play it again and again.
  • We want games that are easy to learn and get into quickly with minimal frustration. Nothing too easy or too hard, just ballanced.
  • The instructions should included in the game and the game concept should be understandable and not very complicated.
  • Games should be unreleased and not yet available to the public.
  • Games should not contain any copyrighted material (graphics, sounds, characters, etc.) that you do not have permission to use.
  • We prefer games to be no more than 720 pixels wide
  • We are fans of the strategy/tactical games, tower defense, ragdoll games and shooting games. But in the end we are interested in any original game.

What are your requirements?
  • You must place our flash preloader at the beginning of your game.
  • You must add a "Play More Games" button to the main menu which will link to our site.
  • You must agree that the version of the game with our "branding" will be the only one distributed on the internet.
  • Different conditions like - allowing MochiAds or selling URL locked licenses to other sites are negotiable

What do I gain with a sponsorship?
  • Money! :)
  • Bigger exposure of your game. This is often overlooked, but we are one of the biggest gaming portals on the internet and your game is likely to get played a lot.
  • We allow you to link back to your site (if you have any) so you can still earn some revenue from your ads on it.
  • You retain all the rights to your game.
  • You may still publish it anywhere you want, as long as our branding is there.

How much money are you offering?
  • It differs from game to game. Our sponsorships usualy range from $100 to $2000 (a good game can easily get $1000-$2000). Truly exceptional games can get even more.

How Do I Get Started?
  • Submit your game to us before it has appeared publicly on the web. Please provide a private url where we can sample your game.
  • We review your game. If we decide to sponsor it we negotiate price and provide you materials to add our sponsorship including logos and links.
  • Once the final game is approved, we send you your money.
  • You are free to post the sponsored version of the game on Newgrounds, Flashkit, etc.
  • Repeat previous steps as many times as you want ;)

We are team on young people and we don't bite ;) So email all your questions to:
Email Miluska


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