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Dont underestimate this baby goat!
Proud Baby Goat
My sincerest apologies, Mr. Pug
Lol Pug
Your cell phone does not impress this astronaut
Unimpressed Astronaut
I would hate to be this guys little brother
The Perfect Prank
Why you shouldnt call people ugly...
Ugly Will Ferrel
Watch out! Here comes Jason!
Jason Gets Down on Friday the 13th
This is probably the best advice anyone has ever given. Ever.
Some Advice
So, this is why grammar is so very important...
Facebook and Grammar
... Yup... This sounds about right.
New Years Resolutions
... Now everything makes sense!
The Origin of Unicorns
Oh, autocorrect... Never stop making things awkward.
A Little Chat with Mom
... Mine is a hot cup of chamomile tea...
Your Weapon in the Zombie Apocalypse
Hey, guys, NMH LKAB.
Decode TXT Lingo
File under things most have never noticed before.
Doctor House and Arthur Weasley
This is a story about love, lies, deceit, and forgiveness. All performed by a cat.
A love story in three acts
I love you... but there is a giraffe between us...
We all know what this is like. And man does it just bum your day out.
One of the Worst First World Problems
Why are you bugging this bear? I mean clearly he is super busy at the moment.
Not Now
This hipster dog does not care if you like him or not. Deal with it.
Hipster Dog
So apparently there are people in the world who are this stupid...
Apparently 2 Percent of People are Idiots


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