Q: I am trying to play a game on but it is not loading/working?

If you see a small red cross on the upper left corner of the game screen your computer either does not have Flash / Shockwave installed or you have Flash / Shockwave disabled. See the following links to download and install the latest software plugins to play games: Download Flash Player - Download Shockwave Player

You may already have Flash / Shockwave installed but simply have it disabled.
Using Internet Explorer, to check if Flash / Shockwave is enabled select tools from the main menu select internet options, select the security tab, then select internet under the zone selection area. Move the slider bar to medium. If you are using a custom security level then select the custom level button. From the security settings screen make sure that Run ActiveX controls is enabled. The High safety disables ActiveX for example. ActiveX must be enabled to use Flash or Shockwave.

If the game stops loading or it takes too long to load, try clearing out your browser cache and then going to the game you're having trouble with and clicking on the REFRESH button in your browser.

If the game loads fine, but you can't play it click on the game. Sometimes a game won't recognize your keystrokes until you click on it with the mouse first.

Q: Is it free to play the games on the website?

Absolutely YES! :) My website is 100% free for everybody. You can play all 2500+ online games free of charge. You don't even have to register to play games, however being registered user gives you lots of benefits including:
  • Favorites: Click on "Save To Favorites" on any individual game, animation, movie, picture or joke page to add that game as a favorite. You may manage any favorites by clicking "My Favorites" while logged.
  • Comments & reviews: You may post a comment or review games and share your success or tips with other users.
  • Forums: Funny Games Forums are open to all registered users and allow you to talk on any topics you can imagine.
  • Avatars: Avatars give users a visually unique identity on the site. Set this to distinguish yourself in the community.


Q: I am stuck and can't get anywhere in one of the games. Can you help me?

Yes, there are lots of hardcore gamers visiting Funny Games Forums daily ( who will help you and will share tips on your favorite games. There are even lots of cheats and walkthroughs on Funny Games Forums.

Q: I reached High Score. How do I submit it?

There are lots of games on Funny Games that have High Scores system implemented in them. Just follow the instructions in the game and submit your score. However there are also lots of games without High Scores in them. Thats why I developed own Funny Games High Score system. You just need to know your High Score value and the image proof of your high score and send it to me using the Submit Your Score link.

Q: Ok, I know High Score value, but where can I get the image proof of my high score?

You will need to create a screen capture. Just click the Print Screen button on your keyboard, right when the game shows your score. Then use any image editing software (Microsoft Painting, Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, etc.), create a new document and paste (ctrl + v) your screen capture to it. Save the picture and your done! :)

Q: I have an idea for an awesome game. Can you create a game based on my idea?

Yes, there is special section on forums (Game Ideas) where you can post your idea. If I like your idea and will create an online game using your idea, you can even win Xbox 360 or Wii game system!