Hustler Game

Your mission in this game is to get billionaire by buying and selling drugs. You must travel from city to city to make some good deals. Everytime you travel, another day passes. Prices rise and fall daily. Not all items are available every day, so be sure to buy early. You can loan some money if you thing there is a good deal. Pay off your loan ASAP. If you need anything, visit Vinnies Barber Shoppe by clicking that symbol above the travel box. Sometimes you will get into trouble with the cops, or orher gangs, so pay attention to your ammo. It is a good idea to stock up before trouble knocks on your door. In the combat mode use ARROW KEYS to move around, press "S" KEY to punch, "D" KEY to kick, and "A" KEY to shoot. Jump by pressing SPACEBAR. There are plenty of surprises in the game. Have fun playing!

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