Cosplay Cheerleader

59 % - 2009 Votes

You have just met this petite cheerleader. You have been lucky enough to get some private time with her. Click some parts of her body, but be careful where you click. She is very touchy especially when she does not know you very well. All you have to do is continue to find the spots on her body that she is ok with you touching until her arouse meter goes up. You can find the places on her body that she likes by listening to for moans or giggles then click till she stops then you must find the other spots. She will eventually ask you to do things like touch or rub her tits & pussy after you go through all the trouble she will let you strip her, lick her pussy & fuck her doggy style and she still demands faster deeper causing you to whip YOUR MOUSE around franticly till you cum in her. Enjoy!

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