Desideratum: Blood Bonds is an an interactive adult novel with RPG gameplay. The game is huge, expect a lot of reading accompanied with sexual depictions a women and female monsters. The gameplay starts after Chapter 4 when you choose your first monster hunt.

Plot: Absinthe Van Helsing, a singer, and rocker, has been destined to defeat the evil vampire lord, Ivor. The nosferatu, Brone Lorcan, if the key to Abby's empowerment as a great vampire hunter. He helps her claim the 'Blood Suit'- a liquid latex suit made of the very blood of Dracula himself! With the suit, she must still seek out and obtain many artifacts hidden around Portland, Oregon. Then, together, the odd pair must work together to defeat Ivor and his minions! Can she trust Brone? Can he trust her? Play Desideratum to find out!