Hony Comb

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This game focuses on one big chested girl who is taken to an isolated tower in which lots of sex scenes take place. In the game you play the part of the man in the tower who has sex with the girl in a different outfit each day until she falls for him. The actual gameplay involves you walking around the tower by clicking arrows in the interface. The tower is very small containing the girls room and 5 rooms in which you can have sex with her. Depending which room you choose you get a different outfit including a school swimsuit, gym uniform, apron, cat girl and some jean cut-offs. To progress in the hentai scenes you need to click the mouse at the right time to perform actions and fill up a bar. After 3 correctly timed clicks you can do a special that fills up the bar much faster. Game has sound and some voice, there is a fair amount of Japanese text but the game is quite playable without any Japanese knoweldge. Enjoy!

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