J Girl Ecstasy

An adult hentai game by crimson comics in which you try to touch up and have sex with girls in various outfits. This game has four girls to choose from and for each of them you need to click different places to raise there pleasure bar without scaring them away. The mouse wheel (or arrow keys) are used to choose different actions like lick and touch, touching various places quickly will result in a combo helping to fill up the bar faster. There are also items you can use in the top right which have various effects on the girls including a vibrator. Once you have filled up a girls pleasure bar enough the next button will appear allowing you to progress onto the next adult scene for that girl. After finishing a girl you can jump straight to each of her scenes when starting a game and access her cg from the main menu. If you find the game too hard or just want to get straight to the hentai press the J in the main menu to unlock all content. Have fun!

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