J Girl Fight 1 2

On the battlefield, you'll see heroines (male characters do not) from the famous anime. Each has its own abilities and professional. blows ... someone prevails over others, but has a weakness for someone else. The game consists of "how-to" bouts, ranging from 1VS1 to 4VS4 ... goal is simple and predictable - to kill all enemy ladies. What the hell? where hentai? , You ask me, but the answer to this question you'll see once you'll master one of the opponents. After winning, you will know more about that in a fantasy world are doing to defeat the enemy and why they agree to enlist to explain to you like the accessible, witty and not breaking the rules of censorship. That is, forgot to add, after the victory over the enemy, you get the opportunity again to meet with him, but on your side of the front! Enjoy!

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