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Only Three Doors - An airline captain was breaking in a new blonde st
Ice Fishing - there are no fish under the ice
Blond And Blinker - two blondes were driving down the road
Blond Handyman - her job is to paint porch all around the house
Blonde At The Library - blonde wants to return the boring book
Blonde And Waitress - blonde customer asks a silly question
Flight To LA - blonde wants to sit in the first class
Going Home Early - prank phone she found her boss in bed with her hus
What do you do if a blond throws a pin at you? - april fools day pranks you have to run fast
The Sun - tpranks to play he blonde is going for a hot trip
Blondes v.s. Turtles - What these two have in common- prank call ideas
Tree - prank call how to get one-armed blonde of a tree
Some Blonde Jokes - gags five question-answer type blonde pranks
Blonde Pill - newfie jokes why she stopped using it
A blonde, brunette and red head - jokes dirty she thought she was expecting a puppy
Building - jokes and cartoons they both walked into a buildin
Blonde Convention - great jokes they did not prove they are clever
Executed - Mean pranks which of the five blondes bled
Familiar - downloadable pranks he asked if he was the first
Blonde Coffin - Joke program-why do they have triangular coffins
What Mothers Talk About - What blonde mother thinks when finding a condom -
Cheerios - What did the blonde say about these cereals - shor
Pigeon - How would blonde kill a bird - one liner jokes
The Train - How mean brunette gets rid of stupid blondes - tex
Movie Trouble - Why the blonde did not like the sex movie - silly
Why Did The Blonde Climb Over The Glass Wall? - Funniest jokes of the day
The Ultimate Blonde Joke - She kidnapped a boy to get money - jokes sites
Coca Casino - She was winning at a Coke machine-easy pranks
Green Side Up - When blondes are laying the sod-started a joke
Blonde Owl - jokes and funny what blonde owl says
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