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AOL Messages - funny computer pranks online addiction warnings
Bill at the Gates - funny computer pranks he wished to go to hell
Top Ten Signs the computer industry is opening up - sexist jokes
Gates Of Hell - great jokes cheated by computer
Microsoft and GM - celebrity pranks if cars developed as fast as comp
Bill Gates in Hell - celebrity pranks good looking delusion
Computer Acronyms - funny computer pranks right abbreviations explanat
Passwords - computer gags not long enough penis
Signs Your Spouse is Having an Affair - joke man how to recognize a cheater
Email Mistake - email prank mail message from hell
A Note From the Amish - prank viruses see how honest you are
Signs You Are Webbed Out - computer joke how to recognise an online addict
If You Think You're Dumb... - dumb jokes read this and you´ll feel better

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