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Your Girlfriend - online prank the difference between a friend and a
Your mama's so stupid... - best joke in the world selling free lays mother
So Poor - joke database needy mum does a driveby
Make Me Feel Like a Woman - man joke handsome Italian makes her wish come true
Yo Mama Movin' - a joke a day your mum is kicking a can down the st
Brains For Sale - joke around why politician brain is the most expen
You're so stupid.... - fool jokes how to recognise a dumb person
Swallow - fun jokes to someone who irritates you the most
Amnesia - flash joke of the day the best things about amnesi
Yo Momma and the Toilet - killing joke how to prove your mom she is the ugli
Yo Mamma Is So Nasty - yo momma jokes how mum keeps her crabs fresh
How To Say Someone Is Stupid... - Call someone a fool creatively - funniest joke eve
Ugly Butt - What to do with an ugly dog - joke of the week
More Yo Moma Lines - momma joke she seven sayings how fat and ugly she
Your Mama - your mom jokes she looks like she was hiding a hip
Butler City - i started a joke name change for even a worse one
Your Mama Is So Fat... - fat jokes don´t give a malcolm x t-shirt to your
So Fat - mother jokes where your mum comes from
Yo Mama - your mom jokes stupid mother in a pawn shop
Expiration Date - jokes sites check directed at a radio announcer
So Ugly - yo moma jokes why daddy takes mum to work
Yo Mama Lines - momma joke compare your mum and buffalo plus othe
The Beach - yo moma jokes she belongs to a whale family
The Parrot - twisted jokes he had a sex with a bird
Yo Mama Is So Stupid - dumb jokes mother and 16 of her friends go to movi
Homeless - really funny jokes best thing about dating him/her
Yo Mamma So Stupid - mother jokes everything takes her too long
Clear Instructions - What´s written on coke bottle in Alabama - joke a

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