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Greedy Lawyers - they are so materialistic
Corruption Trial - the prosecuting attorney attacked a witness
Lawyers Tomb - two people in the same grave
Lawyer Named Strange - honest man and a lawyer
Medical Experimentation - Institutes of Health have replaced rats by attorne
Executives Wife - she found him with his secretary
Lawyers accident - doctor and lowyer collide in the middle of nowhere
Bottle with a genie - every lawyer will receive double the wish
A lawyers dog - lawyers dog steals a roast from butcher shop
Driver,Priest and Lawyer - driver pick up the priest and give him a ride
Last Wish - the money for journey to the next world
Lawyer in the Caribbean - lawyer and engeneer were fishing in the Caribbean
Doctor and Lawyer - lawyer gives an advice to the doctor
10,000 Lawyers - one line jokes 10 000 lawyers at the sea bottom
The Deaf Underling - nasty jokes lawyers would do anything for money
Lawyer on the Road - short jokes find the difference between an attorne
New Jersey and California - joke around why Jersey has all waste and Californi
Lawyer and the Pope - jokes why attorney got a better room in heaven tha
What's The Difference? - lawyer joke when they stop screwing you
Alligator in a Bar - joke archive a man with a crocodile in a bar
Lawyer Jokes Collection - joke programs nine sayings about lawyers
Best Patients - doctors joke best patients are lawyers
Just The Same - lawyer joke bucket makes the difference
What Does Your Daddy Do? - joke world daddy plays piano in a whorehouse
The Safe - my joke mail two succesful attorneys talking at di
Misc. Lawyer Jokes - joke web "what do you call" attorney gags
Lawyers And Snakes - joke's why attorneys never get bitten
How Much is 2+2 - joke book lawyer gives an interesting answer
Lawyer_Jokes - joke box "what´s difference" pranks on attorneys
The Old Man's Heart - daily jokes lawyer´s heart was the most expensiv
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