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The light bulb joke is an example of an endless-variations joke and has possibly thousands of versions covering every imaginable culture, belief, occupation and special-interest group. Generally the punchline is not complimentary to the group that is the subject of the joke. Have fun!

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LightBulb Emos - another light bulb joke
Optimists Change Bulb - how many optimists does it take to screw in a ligh
Irish Men - how they change lightbulbs in Ireland
Nuclear Engineers - how many nuclear engineers to change bulb
Russian Leaders - how many Russian leaders needed to change
Software People - how many software people to change bulb
Dogs And Light Bulbs - how many dogs to change the lightbulb
How many jugglers? - fools day jokes how many jugglers to change a bulb
Fire Flies - silly jokes how many Fireflies to screw in a bulb
Chiropractor - doctor jokes how many chiropractors to change a bu
How many potheads? - tfunny pranks hey smoke until the room spins
Punk Rockers - sick joke how many needed to screw in a lightbulb
How many rednecks? - redneck jokes they like to dring in dark
Union Workers - people jokes how many workers needed to screw a li
How many flies? - humor jokes flying insect in a lightbulb
Men - jokes about men how many needed to change a lightb
Vets - military jokes how many veterans needed to change
Drummer - jokes sites how many drummers to change a lightbul
Cowboys - prank how many cowboys to change a lightbulb
Montreal Canadian Fans - www jokes how many people to change a lightbulb

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