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High Blood Pressure - patient’s extraordinarily ruddy complexion
Chicken Almondine - man and his girlfriend were out to dinner one nigh
Gents Go Out - they are discussing their children while walking
29 Months Toddler - man comes home after an assignment of 3-years
Elderly Gentleman - enjoying the company of a beautiful young lady
Piece Of Jewelry - girlfriend name engraved on it
Mo and Jo - two friends are sitting in boat fishing
Harry and Esther - it's mother's birthday tomorrow
Married Discussion - wife weeps and snuffles over a TV program
Funeral Procession - two fellas are fishing in a boat under a bridge
Cheap Date - man worried that his son was spending too much mon
Family Pants - man took off his pants and gave them to wife
Her Age - wife bought a new line of expensive cosmetics
Two Week Vacation - man had enjoyed the first week
Two Cannibals - they walked deep into the jungle and waited
Terrible Accident - husband offered to donate some of his own skin
Slipping In Coma - husband had been slipping in and out of a coma for
A Recently Widow - trouble with settling a husband’s estate
Bride Dressed In White - attending a wedding for the first time
Happily Married Couple - man discussing with his wife
Shoebox In The Closet - woman crocheted a doily every time she got mad at
Crying Lover - married woman has a lover
Get Into Heaven - I'll just run in and out the pearly gates
Divorce Procedure - testimony of the wife who sought a divorce
Blue Silk Pajamas - man goes fishing at a big lake up in Canada with h
Friendship Between Women - when woman doesn’t come home
Blind Date - old widow went on a blind date with a old man
Pet Names - buddy called his wife every cute name
Irresistible To Women - man found a bottle half buried in the sand
Talking About Husbands - third woman always knows where her husband is
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