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Local Priest - Paddy is not going to Heaven
Clinton And The Pope - Bill died and went to Heaven
White Hair - little girl noticed that her mother had several wh
Bragging Confession - man was with seven different women last night
Cab Driver - driver and preacher go to heaven
Lonely Adam - God is going to make Adam a companion
Sister Margaret In Hell - there is an orgy planned for tonight
Three nuns - nuns remove thier robes due to heat
Builder And Priest - every time builder missed a shot sweared
Golfer And Devil - golfer gives up his sex life to win a match
Weekly Collection - two priests and rabbi are discussing
Good And Bad News - Got is going to give penis and brain to adam
Four Catholic Ladies - they are compering sons jobs
Pesty Squirrels - each country church has different solutions
What are the pictures - lad visits church for the first time
Overcrowded church - two men withdrew automatic weapons in church
Hide a refugee - man needed to confess
Satan vists the church - the only man is not afraid of satan
Girl wants to go - mum and daughter visited church

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