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City of New York Revised High School Math Exam - city of new york revised high school math exam
College Joke - female dormitory will be out-of-bounds for all mal
Playfully Fighting - a teacher spotted two boys fighting
College Meals - meals there are generally unpopular
Chemical Class - what is the chemical formula for water
Lesson About Trees - what is the outside layer of a tree
My Dog - Clyde has the same composition as his brother
Pizza delivery guy - what is the usual tip
Pointless information - why does the physics save lives
The homework schedule - explanation of the shool homework policy
Anything to pass - i would do anything to pass this exam
Bribe for teacher - a dollar per point
Philosophy exam - is this a question
Looking back to photos - teacher persuades students to buy photos
Sweep the floor - your first job
They are all wet - student came home from school depressed
Lecture about English - professor explain diffenrences in languages
Tardy student - student was late for the third time
School Announcement - Would you please move your cars
Blood flow - A lesson about blood flow and circulation

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