Sex Moon

OK, so here`s the story. There is that popular series of books written by that lady. You know, one that was recently filmed. The problem with that `saga` is simple - it`s addressed for sad emo kids, not for horny adults who like to spice up sex with gothic mood. Moreover, the girl from that saga is just sooo not - hot. But here we are, with our outtake on that topic. So - the chick is fuck`in rock` in hot. She just transferred into your high school. Ad you`re horny, 18yo nerd. Even though, she approached you one day and invite to date. Ok, she invite you on date on cemetery - but hey, she`s goth-emo-kinda-slut so... Looks like natural environment for her. It`s cold. It`s foggy. Moon is full. And you`re waiting in front of cemetery gate. And yes, you have a boner. Accompanied by distant sound of howling wolfs, she appears. Enjoy!