Slave Peageant

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You are a high school student named Yujiro. However, you are also widely known as "Mad Dog Mido" thanks to your unrivaled karate skills. You've never lost a fight and your reputation precedes you. Your school holds a beauty pageant called "Ms. Twilight" every year, and the most beautiful female students are rounded up as candidates to be voted on by the student body. One day, you find out the real purpose of the Ms. Twilight competition. All the candidates are actually raped and blackmailed by the student council members so that they would submit to stringent sexual training. Whoever is crowned Ms. Twilight then becomes the official school prostitute, pimped and peddled to numerous men of wealth. Ms. Twilight, the school, and the student council are then paid handsome amounts of money for the services rendered. At first the idea seems preposterous to you, but then you quickly realize the merits and beat up the student council officers into bowing out. Now the Ms. Twilight pageant and the prospective contestants are in your hands. Enjoy!

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