HOSTING - choose right and quality hosting plans for your website!

Webmasters, if you are serious about running your sites, you need reliable hosting.

First of all you need to decide whether you need dedicated hosting or virtual hosting (sometimes called shared hostng).

This decision relies on what type of site you run. If you run just your personal pages, you can use one of thousands free webhosting services out there. However I dont recommend them much, they add headers and footers with advertisments to your pages, and sometimes they even popup consoles. Hosting is very cheap these days, and everybody can afford paying less then $2 a month for quality hosting.

Well, if you run small sized website with just a few visitors, stick with some of virtual hosting plans. And if you run medium or big website, you will need quality dedicated hosting plan.

Some of good hosting plans from reliable companies are listed bellow:

QBEM Web Hosting - great Web Hosting starts at $2.95 per Month.