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If you like animals or have a pet, you will really like this section. Here you will find a huge collection of animal jokes. Humor with all manners of animals, cats, dogs, snakes and many others. I collected lots of clean and dirty animal jokes. Also kids animal jokes are available on my page. Are you interested in farm animal jokes, cow puns? You can laugh on bird jokes, pet jokes, zoo, snake and hippo joke. The best animal humor available.

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Snail At Police Station - snail got beat up by two turtles
Snail Got Beat Up - at the police station...
Dog vs. Cat - who is actually God
Frog At The Psychic - it is going to meet a beautiful young girl
Animal Restaurant - rabbit walked into a restaurant with a lion
Young Polar Bear - son is wondering if he is really polar bear
Papa Bear - papa could not fall asleep
Track Record - race horses are showing off
The Mule - worlds funniest joke how to sell a dead animal
Jesus is Watching - dog joke burglars be aware of holy pets
Dammit Skippy! - fart jokes she thought they blame the dog
The parrot and the plumber - fool jokes he thought the lady is deaf
Gorilla up a tree - dog jokes how to put handcuffs on gorilla
Unique Parrot - jokes adult wife gets singing bird for Christmas
The Talking Frog - internet pranks programmer did not want a princess
Why did the chicken cross the road? - pranks to pull celebrities answer to the same ques
A Panda walks into a bar... - bar jokes he did exactly what dictionary says
Catching A Rabbit - joke show how to get a unique and a tame bunny
Chunks - sexual jokes he blew his dog
The Dog - gross jokes he wanted to lick his balls
Good Doggie - prank they are waiting in line to borrow a biting
Talking Dog - Puppy liar for sale jokes and pranks
Bear and the Rabbit - knock joke problems with poop sticking to fur
Duck Joke - short joke what has webbed feet and fangs
Heaven - best jokes what happens after death
Back In The Days - Wild wild west drunkard nasty story prank websites
Cock - Diffefence between rooster and gay rooster pranks
Baby Chickens - Start farming by planting chicken jokes and gags
The Three-legged Pig - Heroic piglet saving family mean pranks
Ducks - Most ugliest guy in the world funny prank
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