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If you like animals or have a pet, you will really like this section. Here you will find a huge collection of animal jokes. Humor with all manners of animals, cats, dogs, snakes and many others. I collected lots of clean and dirty animal jokes. Also kids animal jokes are available on my page. Are you interested in farm animal jokes, cow puns? You can laugh on bird jokes, pet jokes, zoo, snake and hippo joke. The best animal humor available.

THE BEST Animal Jokes. HAVE FUN!

The Mule worlds funniest joke how to sell a dead animal
Chunks sexual jokes he blew his dog
The Dog gross jokes he wanted to lick his balls
Good Doggie prank they are waiting in line to borrow a biting
Duck Joke short joke what has webbed feet and fangs
Heaven best jokes what happens after death
Cock Diffefence between rooster and gay rooster pranks
Ducks Most ugliest guy in the world funny prank

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