Wed Sep 20, 2017 - Welcome to Battle of Sexes!
Here is my collection of jokes where men are atacking women and women are atacking men. Each of them tries to prove that the other ses is dumber, weaker, uglier .. etc. Enjoy the eternal war of the sexes, no matter which sex you are.

Just pick your favourite joke from Battle of Sexes category:

THE BEST Battle of Sexes. HAVE FUN!

Dreams Of A Man - there are three most important
Perfect Couple - perfect man who met a perfect woman
Men Should Listen - guy is driving up a steep, narrow mountain road
Car Was Broken Into - they have stolen steering wheel and break pedal
Car In The Ditch - man wants to help a woman
Womens Business - women dont mind their own business
Testosteron - www joke unpleasant side effect of male hormon pil
Mashed Potatoes - Sexual jokes the sex stimulating pill worked great
tooooooo long - Mail pranks studder loss after penis shortening op
Difference Between Being Kinky And Perverted - Prank call soundboards feather or chicken usage di
Head 'n Shoulders - blonde joke she asks how you give shoulders
Lonely on the Farm - Gay jokes strange party invitation from a Vermonte
When I Die - Jokes humour wife accidentally proofed her affair
A Horrible Accident - Internet jokes what would wife want when husband l
Helen Keller, Motorist - Helen keller jokes why couldnĀ“t she drive
The World's Longest Penis - A joke two big cock guys peeing from the bridge
Small Cox - Flash joke of the day unpleasant surprise of a you
Unga Bunga - I started a joke scientists are captured by savage
The Flasher - Joke sites two old ladies met an exhibitionist in
Best Comeback Line Ever - funniest joke guy caught while scerwing a pumpkin
Difference Between Hookers And Drug Dealers - Funniest joke ever difference is in the crack usag
A man and his Penis - joke list the truck rolled downhill while he was m
A Man's Company - When does woman want a man-joke funny
Three Girlfriends - How men decide which girl is best - joke lists
Hubby loses interest in sex - He screws her on the table joke sex
The Chief - Dirty joke of the day last fart of a tribe leader
Waterbed Virgin - one line jokes what do you call a virgin on waterb
Coconut Tree - april fools jokes he said: lift up your nuts for b
Why do women have small feet - knock knock jokes women are housemaids
The facts about lunch - joke of the day com when daughter asks father what
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