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A collection of medical humor, including funny stories, jokes about doctors, dentists, psychiatrists etc. Jokes relating to various medical specialty areas. Enjoy!

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Need A Therapist - man goes to see his doctor
Roosevelt High School - older woman who is seeing a doctor for the first t
Keep Some Vices - older man went to his doctor with a variety of com
Visiting A Doctor - pacient benefited from doctor's treatment
Heavy Drinking - what’s wrong with patient
Amputation of Legs - doctor has some bad and good news for this patient
Baby Ear Ache - mother must put two drops in right ear
Birth Control Pills - elderly woman can sleep better with these pills
Doctor Bob - doctor had sex with one of his patients
Gay Doctor - man has to take medicine up the butt
Midget From Texas - midget complained that his testicles ached
Engine valves - Jerry and doctor do basically the same work
Fat - medical jokes doctor tels a lady she is fat and ug
Good News And Bad News - medical joke doctor tells him he has 24 hours to l
What Your Doctor Really Means... - joke archives doctor says one thing but means anot
10 things you don't want to hear from a doctor - april fool's joke
Poor Bertha - black jokes she shot her left knee to kill herself
Help! - fart jokes lady claims her farts don´t stink
Stoned Medicine - doctor jokes why doctor tiptoes past the medicine
Surgeon's Wallet - medical jokes doctor has a wallet from foreskins
Joking - bad joke doctor makes a nasty fun of an injured wi

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