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Vulgar Druggist - husband drove downtown to demand an apology
Small Business - notes on the difficulties of running it
Financial Advisor - he just found out about an investment
Factory Workers - there is a factory that hires only married men
12 Foot Long Rope - Bloke walking up Royal Ave
New Mercedes - there is no way police can catch such a car
Nuns on a Freeway - 3 nuns driving in a car at about 20 miles an hour
New Metro Cop - sarge is at his daughters wedding
New Waitress - she can speak twelve different languages
Bank Loan - man wants borrow money for six months
The Oldest Profession - doctor engineer and politician argument
Constant Blinking - man tried to get a job at great company
Young Businessman - man pretending a big deal working
Chinese pay off debts - rule to settle all debts on New Years Day
Extra Office Work - what I pay you for
Lost Businessman - man is flying in a hot air ballon
Take Over The Company - boss called employee into the office
Mental Institution - patient might be released
The Painter - gentleman bought all 15 paintings
Kiss and slap - sound of kiss and slap in a tunnel
An Engineer in hell - an engineer improved the hell
Car Breakdown - how would four engineers repair the car
Wrong Answer - Irish and American applied for the same job

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