You and a team of plant like creatures have arrived on an alien planet and without hesitation you intend on taking out the creatures that live on this planet called Humans. Humans are trying to protect their planet though they most surely underestimate your plant like powers, prove them wrong in this strategy, real time, level based game! Use your powers to consume or destroy humans, collect their meat to produce units and finally to make an army of them! you can also upgrade you units and even evolve them to deal more damage and stay longer in battle! If using your base use your mouse's LEFT click button to select your base, hold and drag it towards an area and RELEASE the left click button to unleash your attack to consume human beings, though it takes a 3 second delay before it casts. You can also control your units to take out other human beings. Protect your base and take over this world, you think you deserve it? prove it!

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