Armor Heroes 2

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Your aim in this awesome flash game is to defend the gates of Ally Town from attacking enemies. It reminds me of the old 8bit game Golden Axe. Fight your way through aisle in medival castle and kill every enemy man that will cross your path. Use ARROW KEYS to move around, press "D" KEY for slow attack and press "A" KEY for fast attack. To perform knockback, hit SPACEBAR. To block enemy attacks, hit "S" KEY. To mount/demount press "E" KEY. You can also change your character by pressing "W" KEY or use specil by pressing "Q" KEY. If you cant seem to push forward, search for enemies that may have lost your scent just off the screen. Also, make note, specials, character changing and Knockbacks can only executed on foot, knockbacks can only be used when the SPACEBAR starts to flash over your characters head, this will happen if your being badly beaten in a short period of time. Have Fun!

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