Asteroids Revenge 3

Your mission in this fun asteroid online game is to wipe out the treacherous human fleet by crashing into all the ships while avoiding getting hit by their fire. Use either the ARROW KEYS or YOUR MOUSE for movement. After each wave of ships, you get to choose one power-up. In addition, you can collect "ally" power-ups on some of the levels. These allies are fellow asteroids that circle around you, shielding you from enemy fire and extending your killing range. You can keep your allies close to you or send them circling further out with the "Z" and "X" KEYS, or with the MOUSE WHEEL if you have one. You can also venture out without your allies by holding down "C" KEY or clicking the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. You will need to use all of these tricks, as some enemies affect you and your allies in different ways. Good luck!

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