Bunny Cannon

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Bunnies are real breeders and they multiply like crazy especially in this cute game! Match the pink and blue bunnies in order for them to multiply and put the necessary number of bunnies in their designated baskets in this cute puzzle shooting game. There are 3 type of baskets and you need to fill it up with bunnies before your run out of bunny bullets in your cannon. Brown baskets can occupy both blue and pink bunnies but pink and blue baskets can only count their designated colored bunnies, remember that. There are not a lot of bunnies in your cannon so you have to match them and let them multiply to finish each game. If pink bunnies collides with a blue one then they will breed pink and blue bunnies.. Try to use few bunny bullets as possible to receive a higher score. Use your MOUSE to aim or move the cannon and press MOUSECLICK to fire. Spread the cuteness and play now! Good luck!

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