Cream Wolf

Your task in this fun pixel game is to play as a werewolf. By day, you have to drive your ice cream truck around the local neighborhood, playing your tune and attracting a local girls and boys by serving up their favorite flavors. When the night comes, you use that same tune to lure the addicted townsfolk back to your lair and eat them. Use the ARROW KEYS to drive your truck around (drive to the right from your hideout to get to town). Press and hold "X" KEY to play your ice cream truck's tune and attract customers. This may also attract the attention of cops or investigators nearby. If you collide with a cop or investigator, you'll get busted/fined, lose a life and have to start back at your hideout. When a child touches your truck, the Ice Cream Game begins (as long as you have collected at least one ice cream cone icon in the town map). When you unlock more flavors and multiple customers can approach your truck at the same time, the "Z" KEY controls a second order in the Ice Cream Game. The game is over when you lose all your lives. Have fun!

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