Street-fighting has never been this edible! You are one, big, hungry guy who wants to take revenge coz somebody thrashed your door. I mean, who does that? Seriously, nobody should mess with a door! Now, look for those disrespectful villains and beat them up to death! Use your ARROW KEYS to move around. Press A-KEY to punch and beat your enemies to a pulp. And here is the awesome thing, your power is that you can eat anything on the street and transform into it. Cool, huh? Press S-KEY to gobble anything up and be surprised at the power that they can give you! Eat a bike and roll over your enemies like they are nothing. Eat a fire hydrant and drown your enemies with high-pressured water. You can even consume your own enemies. That is right! Eat them up and absorb their power too! Just eat everything that moves and discover the unique powers each of them can give you. Now, go ahead and show them what fatet awaits those who dare thrash your door!

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