Cube Colossus

A group of interstellar explorer's lifes being endangered as their comrades lost in a giant mechanical cube-like fortress. Rua Elzee and Cedric Ashcroft, pilots of A.M.U. unit 01, are trying to save their lives, as well as their comrades. Your goal in this shooter is to battle with the Cubes, upgrade your A.M.U (Advanced Mobile Units), purchase armaments, unlock Cores and achievements, fight your way as the story unfolds. Use YOUR MOUSE to move your ship. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire (be careful armaments can overheat). Press UP ARROW KEY to change to the nearest target, Press LEFT ARROW KEY to tilt Shooting offset CounterClockwise, press RIGHT ARROW KEY to tilt shooting offset Clockwise and use DOWN ARROW KEY to reset shooting offset. Press SPACEBAR for overdrive. Good luck!

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