Danny Phantom Fright Flight

Your mission in this action shooter game is to fly your spaceship and fight your tough opponents. First choose your pilot - play as Danny or one of his pals, or as one of the Putario paranormal personalities. Next, design your fright fighter by choosing from an array of scarily-suped-up ship parts, then fly the unfriendly skies against enemy crafts. Each time you prevail in a dog fight of the doomed you will unlock new and better parts to add to your ship. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your fighter. Press "Z" KEY to drop mines, "X" KEY to fire missiles and "C" KEY to fire cannon. Press SPACEBAR for Nitro boost (when your nitro bar is full, double press SPACEBAR to perform an evasive loop). Try to collect those useful items that fly in the skies. Good luck!

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